There are few things that can be more stressful than a big move. You will have a list of a hundred things that need to be done when you're heading for a brand new city for work and it is important that you don't leave anything undone. One of the things that you will usually need to take care of is switching over your cable and phone service from your old place to your new home. Sometimes you are able to do this quite easily and can work with the same company on both ends. Other times, it is a little more complicated.

If you're happy with the service that you have been getting and you're staying within the same city then you should check if you can transfer your services rather than cancelling everything and starting over. If you're moving from the outskirts of the city to downtown, for instance, you can likely stay with the same company. Check their website or call their help line to see how easy it is to transfer everything to your new address. You can make this phone call a few weeks in advance and they might even be able to have everything set up for you when you arrive at your new place.

Those that are moving from one State or Province to another, for example, will not have the luxury of staying with the same company for their cable and Internet. If this is the case for you then you should make sure you are giving as much notice as possible on cancelling. Some companies will require that you give them at least one month's notice if you want to get out without paying some sort of fee. Most people are not in any kind of contract with their cable to stay on for a certain number of months or years but you should still find out what their cancellation policy is as soon as possible.

When you're setting up the cable, phone and Internet service in your new place you should also start planning at least a few weeks ahead of time. If you're someone who likes to be able to check your bank balance online or you're someone who has a few shows that you need to see every week then you will want to make sure that you can book an appointment to have these services set up within the first couple of days of you living in your new place. There can sometimes be a wait of as long as a week to get a technician out to your house. You might want to take to your realtor about what services are best in your area if you're new to the city.

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