While we all want to believe that we are not fully dependent on all of the technologies that surround us, the truth is that there are now many people who spend more hours of their day staring at a screen than they do actually interacting with people. Whether you're working in an office creating spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations eight hours a day or you're relaxing to an hour of television in your condo unit at the end of the day there are screens all around us.

It seems a little crazy to think that only fifty years ago it was rare for you to have a television in your home and almost unheard of to have more than one. Now you will find that there are people living in houses that have a TV in the kitchen, bedrooms and even some with one in the bathroom. We want to stay up-to-date by watching the news while we eat or want to be entertained all the way until we close our eyes to go to sleep. And with every few years comes a new design for a television that makes the picture more vivid and seem all that much more real.

Whether you're doing your homework or writing up documents for a court case, computers are becoming more of a fixture in all of the work that we do. And with the invention of laptops and tablets you can now take your work and all of that stored information with you wherever you go. If you're doing research for an engineering firm you can transfer those files onto a projection screen for a presentation or send them to a smaller device like you're phone.

While we might not be able to escape all of the screens that have become a part of our lives, it is important to still stay connected to more natural things. If you're spending all day on the computer, playing with your iPod at the gym, and using the GPS to mind your way through town than you might want to read a book at night instead of watching television. But you can now find that on a screen as well. It seems that even if you're someone that chooses organic when available and alternative energy that you're still going to be looking at screens sometimes. It is hard not to!

"How much screen time is too much?"

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