Nobody wants to turn on their personal computer only to find out that their computer has been hacked or that they are a member of a website that has been hacked. There aren't too many worse feelings to have in the world of computers, the Internet, and technology in general, than realizing that your computer or the website for your bank has been hacked.

While you might think that panicking is the only plausible reaction to such a situation we're here to let you know that it's not. No matter how bloodcurdling the "help we were hacked" screams can be from the many people worldwide that have to deal with computer or website hacks on a daily basis are that doesn't mean it's necessarily time to panic.

Websites on frames or work computers can be repaired, no matter how severe the hack is; even if it means having to start from scratch. While erasing everything on your computer or having to build a new website or online account isn't the ideal answer when dealing with hacks at least that's an option.

It's not like you are going to be forced to throw out your computer or never be able to get your orthotics website up and running again because of a hack. Even if you don't know how to deal with website or computer hacks you still have hope. There are plenty of experts available and ready to help you out if your computer or website has been hacked. No matter what issues arose after your website or computer was hacked into there is a solution and the experts will find it!

When choosing a computer repair technician that specializes in hacks you can go either one of two routes: go to a big box electronics retailer such as Best Buy that has a knowledgeable team of computer repair experts on staff that can deal with any computer or website problems related to hacks or hire somebody that runs their own private computer repair shop. You can't really go wrong with either option or whom you choose might all boil down to price. Also, don't forget that if your computer is brand new it will be covered under warranty and you can just bring it in to get repaired free of charge.

If you have some experience with computers and websites and feel like you can fix the problem yourself you can try searching for the resolution to your computer or website hacking problem by searching Google. No matter what happened to your computer or how bad the hack is it happened to somebody else and there is a website, forum or message board with the answer. Take a look to see if the step-by-step instructions are easy enough for you follow and if they are take a stab and correcting the problem yourself. You might find that the fix was quite simple and your computer or company website will be back to normal within moments.

Sure signs you have been hacked:

Fake antivirus messages
Unwanted browser toolbars
Fake emails sent from your account
Redirected internet searches
Frequent random popups

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