A lot of people rely on a variety of electronic devices, be it in the home, in the workplace, or at school, to help them perform a wide range of tasks on a daily basis. You might use a software program on a laptop if you own your own business that allows you to calculate how much to charge each of your clients. Doctors use machines that take x-rays, MRI's or ultrasounds that they use to make their jobs easier. At Transway Systems, employees performing utility locating needs to use a screen to see what the surrounding area has stored underground to avoid any wiring while doing hydro excavation. Without being able to read your order on the screen, employees at Mcdonalds would not be able to fill your Big Mac combo order from the cashier at the take-out window. Children are being taught about the life cycle on digital projectors. You might even be reading this article on your smartphone.

It's hard to live life without gadgets. They serve a very important function in our lives each and every day. The one common thread linking all the above devices that we mentioned is screens. You can't type on your computer that doesn't have a screen because then you wouldn't be able to see what you're typing. Doctors can't read ultrasound results if they can't see them on the screen. Teachers can't provide a lesson to their class on a projector if there is no screen to place the picture on. You can't read this article on your smartphone if it didn't have a screen.

As you can see screens on our electronic devices are just as important as the devices themselves. We might not think about screens as being important but they are. There are a lot of people who spend all day long starting at screens. Be it starting at screens at work, starting at screens at home, or starting at screens in school. Screens are everywhere. Look around your environment and count how many screens there are. You'll probably be amazed at the total. We have screens in hospitals, in our home, in retail stores, in our pockets, in our cars, in the movie theater, etc.

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