It's getting harder and harder to get the kids away from the computer or the TV screen in your home these days, what with all the advancements in technology that have made playing video games or watching On Demand movies much more appealing and convenient than going outside or playing a board game with friends.

That doesn't mean you should give up the good fight if you're a parent of a child that doesn't partake in too much physical activity outside the home. There are ways you can try to take get your kids to leave the comfort of their room and go play outside though.

One such way you can do that takes places every year and is known as Screen Free Week. Screen Free Week is exactly what it says it is. It's a week where every family member vows to turn off all the screens in your house and, as the campaign says, "turn on life." It used to be solely directed towards turning off TV screens and used to be known as TV-Turnoff week.

Now we have access to a vast amount of entertainment options on not only TV screens but also laptops, computers, and tablets, just to name a few. Screen Free Week does help the environment out a little by saving energy but it's more about getting people physically active in the community.

Instead of relying on TV, video games and iPods for entertainment, those who partake in Screen Free Week can turn to books, outdoor activities such as playing football, spending time with friends or going for a jog instead.

There's a lot of fun that can be had playing outside that can't be had while sitting in front of a TV screen like a zombie watching some documentary about crime statistics. This is not the only way to get your family outside or active however! Plan physical activities you can all do together such as play tennis, go for a long walk around the nearest park or go to the beach for some swimming.

The possibilities are endless. The key to getting your kids excited about getting active is to make the activities you plan fun and something you already do. That way leaving the screens and technology behind won't be seen as punishment.

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