It has been proven again and again that when you're selling something, no matter what it might be, that image is important. While we all want to believe that going to the best plastic surgeon won't make people think more highly of you or that we all care more about appearance than quality, we do encounter most things with our eyes first. This is why it is so important to think about the look of your website when it comes to marketing anything from movie releases to school sports equipment online. And that is going to include thinking about what images and graphics you would like to use.

While the words are what will tell your potential customers the important information they need to know about your business, pictures and graphics are going to make things easier to understand and will help to create a website that people are interested in and want to come back to. There are several different things that people want to see when it comes to images and you will need to decide which are most appropriate to your website. If you're setting up an online shop to sell organic bedding then you will want to have images of your products. If you're offering financial advice, say mortgage broker services, then you might have some charts to explain concepts that could be difficult for newcomers to understand. So the chart you see below could be an example of what you would see when you visit a mortgage broker's website.

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When you're choosing graphics for your website, you will have the choice between taking images that already exist and adapting them for your purposes and creating graphics for yourself. If you're selling outdoor cushions, manufacturers might have images of the items that you will be allowed to post on your website. But, if you're creating a logo for your company or creating the background images for the homepage then you might want to start from scratch and create something that is totally unique to your site. When you're pulling images from somewhere else, you will definitely always want to make sure you have the proper permission to use them.

Placement of your graphics is going to be just as important as the quality of the graphics themselves. If your website is about teaching people how to do simple flower arranging, for example, then you will want to show that within the first few seconds of them being on your website. This would mean that you would have something very different than a website that is devoted to vintage subway signs. You never want your website to look cluttered with graphics. Everything that you have on the site should be complementing the information that you're trying to get out about your company.

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