While we all want to have kids who spend as little time as possible sitting in front of screens, the truth is that most children are going to find themselves in front of the television for at least a few hours a week. You might let them watch their favorite show while you're working in your home office or could have it on to distract them while you're making dinner. If you're going to allow your kids to watch television, there are lots of great shows that can be educational as well as entertaining.

Sesame Street was one of the original educational shows on television and can still be one of the best for smaller children. This is a program that uses some of the most well-known and lovable characters in the world to teach kids about everything from the alphabet to how to help you with chores around the house. If you want your child to grow up to a career as a dentist or psychiatrist then you might think that you need to keep their head in the books as much as possible from an early age. But, this show uses tricks that will help them learn faster and be happier with the experience.

When you're choosing educational programs for your children, you should think about what you want them to get out of watching. There are many programs out there that can help them with what they are already learning in school. If you want your child on a path where they will be scouted by recruiting services as an engineer or financier then you might find programs that find fun and alternative ways of teaching math. Others will encourage reading and spelling.

There are also lots of programs out there that can open a child's mind to things that they might not learn in school. There are shows that are focused on art for women that a daughter might get some inspiration from and there are lots of programs, both those designed for kids and those that the whole family can enjoy together, that will teach your children about all of the different places to explore around the world.

If you're really trying to give your kids a bigger world outlook then one program that you could watch with them is the evening news. They will likely have questions about everything from stories on world events to stories on food preparations and you will have the chance to spend time with them as they learn. But you can choose if all of the stories are acceptable for them to see.

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