One can easily say that the life of our kids has changed drastically over the past few years. There used to be a time when our kids would be only too happy to play with dolls and bats and balls. This may be still true for some but more kids these days are running after netbooks and tablets as they strive to keep up with their friends.

Gone are the days when kids and adults used to spend time socializing on a face to face level. Gone are the days when we as adults used to make time to share a cup of coffee with each other. This has all been replaced by us burying our noses in computer screens and hovering over netbooks and tablets. Ah yes, much has changed but what has not changed is our need for social interactions.

We may be shocked to learn how much time we spend in front of our screen versus how much time we spend outdoors enjoying the fresh air. Maybe it is time for a reality check. Maybe it is time for us to purchase some sporting merchandise as a starting point to returning to the outdoors. Maybe it is time for us to start realizing that it is healthier to breathe fresh air rather than straining our eyes over those small screens.

Maybe it is time for us to return to the days when we spent time outdoors seated on a bench in the park reading a novel. Maybe it is time for us to start appreciating the wonders of nature around us; the birds, the flowers, and the blue skies. To visit a store in person versus shopping online.

We don't necessarily have to abandon our computers all together. We just need to find a way to balance it all. For those of you living alone, you can surely appreciate the need to find time to enjoy your neighbors while at the same time find some time for your computer screen.

It is all a matter of balancing the books so to speak. Spread your time around and make sure that you do not spend most of your time in front of your computer screen. Try this and see how you like it. You may be pleasantly surprised. has provided sponsorship for this page. Thank you for your support!

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