If you ever thought to yourself that you would love to be able to just Skype directly from the TV in your home? Then you'll be quite excited to find out you can do exactly that on a Smart TV! All you need is a plugged in web camera and you'll be able to Skype with your friends and loved ones right from your television set! When you are getting ready to make plans for renovating your home, you'll want to research this new technology - you just might want to plan for a bigger TV than you ever imagined!

That's just the beginning of Smart TVs, as they can do more than just let you use Skype. Smart TVs are TVs that integrate the Internet and apps into the TV set that turns the TV into a TV/computer hybrid. Smart TVs focus on Internet TV, interactive media, and on demand streaming media.

Some of the more popular and most used apps on Smart TVs include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Netflix. You're probably used to going on Twitter or Facebook to interact with your friends, family members or local businesses on your computer or smartphone but with a Smart TV you can message them on Facebook or Tweet with your Twitter followers Smart TV. It is common, almost expected, that a business have a facebook page that customers can follow if they so choose. If a client can use facebook on a big screen to view the latest products, while waiting for their phone or tablet to charge - even better!

The Netflix app on a Smart TV allows you to stop watching Netflix on your computer and directly browse your Netflix instant queue so that you can watch whatever you want right then and there without the need of a Netflix-enabled device like a Blu-Ray player with Internet, PS3, X-Box or Nintendo Wii. Netflix on Smart TVs help you save some time that you can use towards other tasks like looking up local weather information on The Weather Network.

If you're wondering what are some other Smart TV apps and what do they do we've got the answer for you. If you like playing games then you can download Smart TV game apps like Tetris and Texas Hold'em. If you enjoy using the TV in your home to watch sports you can download a sports app like MLB.TV where you'll be able to watch live MLB games, as long as you have a paid subscription to the service. There are also news and information apps like AccuWeather, BBC News and the AP News Ticker and education apps that you can use with your children like Khan Academy to teach them about a number of subjects like math, history and physics.

The varieties of Smart TVs currently on the market are numerous and you can choose between LED or plasma models and sizes that range between 26 and 84 inches. If you want a TV that does more than just play movies and TV shows then the Smart TV is what you're looking for you. Just make sure you leave the house every so often and do real life things such as visit family or go out for dinner.

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