For any movie fan that considers themselves the ultimate movie buff one way to show off your love and appreciation of the cinema is by building a media room in your home. There is no greater way of taking in a movie than by watching it in your very own mini theater like styled media room. Just think how awesome it would be to turn a room in your property into the ultimate movie watching room.

The best part about having a media room is that you can style it whatever way you want. If you want the only seating option to be recliner sofa chairs then go on ahead and do that. You might want to pair that type of furnishings with built-in cabinetry to give you ample storage space and even hide the screen when it's not in use. You can get some great ideas for custom designs here online. If you want to emulate the look of a movie theater you can buy some old movie-style chairs and make every guest in the media room in your home feel like they're at their own personal movie theater.

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Media rooms are all about you and your guest. No waiting in line, no spending a ridiculous amount of money on popcorn and pop, and no having to sit through countless movie trailers you have no interest in seeing. Just press play and you're good to go. Of course, media rooms don't have to be just for movies. You can watch or do whatever you want in your media room. In addition to showing movies in your media room you can also watch your favorite TV shows or live sporting events or you can also play video games.

When decorating the media room you can make it look however you want. If the media room is going to be solely used to screen movies then plaster posters of your favorite movies on the walls. If you plan to watch a lot of sports in your media room then get as many decorations of your favorite teams as you can and place them around the room so that you show off the love for your team.

Once you know that you're going to go ahead and get started on a media room in your condo you need to start planning on acquiring the most important object for it: a TV! The television set you plan on watching movies on will be the centerpiece of your media room so make sure you go out and acquire one with as many fancy features such as high definition picture quality as possible. (More on the different types of TVs here.) We hope you have fun designing your media room and don't forget to buy the popcorn!

No doubt you want a movie room in your new home or condo. Try adding "media room," "home theater" or "bonus room" when doing a property search. Homes or condos that have this feature will usually include it in the property description.

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