When it comes time to decorate your new home, you'll have options. Some people like to buy landscape photography so they can get a professional, artistic look to the room, while others like to create displays out of their own photographs. If you can't decide which of your photos are worthy of being displayed, why not showcase them all in a collage? This article will teach you how to create a photo collage that will wow your visitors.

Select Photos

The first step in creating any collage is to select the photos that will be used. The easiest way to do this is to choose a theme for your collage. It might be special memories0. , family vacations, camping, or just "my life." Set aside enough photos to more than cover the frame you have selected. The frame might be a multi-slot collage frame or simply one large frame that will allow you to create your collage without help. If you want your collage to be a focal point, choose a 24x32 (poster size) frame.

Crop Photos

If you have chosen a multi-slot collage frame, all you have to do is make sure the art and frames match up in terms of size. However, if you're going to make a free collage, you're going to need to cut up photos into different shapes for maximum appeal. Therefore you should always make sure to use photo copies - not originals - in your collage to avoid ruining them. Crop them according to the size of the frame and the action going on in the photo, but don't cut away too much initially.

Arrange Photos

Framed wildlife pictures are cropped for maximum interest. In your collage, choose your centerpiece photos and arrange each photo around it, layering them over each other to make sure the most interesting part of each photo is shown. This might require more cropping. Hold the photos in place with sticky tack, which is reposition-able but which will ensure the photos don't get messed up while you're working.

Mount Photos

Framed posters come with a poster-sized insert that can be ideal for mounting your photos onto. Simply tape or glue each photo down, starting with those photos that are closest to the bottom. Remember to remove the sticky tack as you go to avoid a lumpy look. When you are finished, put the insert into the frame and seal it up, making sure the inside of the glass is clean first. You may want to use spacers to keep the glass from touching and possibly sticking to your collage. Visit a site such as Pinterest.com for other creative ideas.

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